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The 4FM can monitor up to four Auper flow meters per system. The meters are read using the display or with the Draft manager software. Each flow meter is wired to the 4FM and connected to the 3 m (10ft) cable using the crimp connectors supplied with the system. The 4FM can be programmed to measure ounces, liters, glasses or any other measuring unit of your choice. It is equipped with a power failure counter to indicate to management if the system was disconnected the last time the counters were read. In case of a power failure, the counters are saved in a flash memory.

In "Run" mode, the counters can be cleared using the key at the end of each working shift. The 4FM is equipped with a Rs-232/Rs-422 serial port to communicate with the Draft Manager software. The software will upload from, and program information in, both the Harpagon and 4FM flow meter systems.

Pour size indicators

The 4FM is equipped with an output port to which you
can connect 4 LEDs pour size indicators. The LEDs will
be turned on for ½ second at the count of each unit.
The pour size indicators can be used when the system is
calibrated to count one for a glass to warn the bartender
when the pour size as been reached.  The system can be
used to help bartenders serve accurate pour sizes when
using plastic cups and larger glass sizes preventing
involuntary over pouring.