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Versatile, easy to use and fast, our point-of-sale system not only improves
customer service, it also helps you increase revenue, prevent errors
and save on
labour costs.


1. Table service

    - Increased revenues through complete billing of all side orders,

    handy order changes, bill printing, cost redistribution and discounting

    can all be done in no time, giving you faster customer service.

2. Quick service and take-out

     - Lets you enter an order, validate trios and receive payment in a

    flash. As soon as an order is over, the system is ready to handle the

    next customer.

3. Drive-thru service

       - Same possibilities as quick service, with the addition of lineup

    management at the window.

4. Delivery

     - See Delivery information sheet.

5. Portable

     - Carries all the functionalities of the Veloce point-of-sale directly to

    the customer’s table using the Pocket PC


As a good manager, your two most important elements are your customer
and your
revenues. This makes the Velove point-of-sale your first priority,
since it maximizesb
both your customer relations and your revenues.